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Policies & Terms of Service

Seattle Bus Camp reserves the right to make changes to our policies and terms of service at any time with out further written notice.




If you wish to cancel your camp registration and apply for a credit to another week of camp, you can contact us in writing via email: The following policies and timeline apply:


  • If you notify us before June 1, you may receive a 100% credit on your account for a future registration valid through Summer 2021. Note, Seattle Bus Camp is not guaranteed to run in Summer 2021.

  • After June 1, you may receive a 75% credit on your account.

  • Once a program begins, we cannot make any adjustments or offer any credits.

  • Full refunds will be issued if Seattle Bus Camp cancels a session. 





We offer a 5% sibling discount for 2 siblings and a 10% discount for 3 siblings registered at the same time for the same session.




All campers must complete the necessary camp forms in order to participate in Seattle Bus Camp. These forms are required by both the County and the State. Please complete all sections of the registration form. Health forms will be emailed to you after complete registration and payment is received. These forms must be emailed to Seattle Bus Camp prior to July 1. 





Our policy is to do everything possible to protect our campers from excessive exposure to the sun, while still allowing them to get the most out of our outdoor adventures.


Parents/guardians are encouraged to provide sunscreen for use during the camp day. Sunscreen sent to camp should be placed in a sealed plastic bag and labeled with the child’s first and last name. 


Families are responsible for applying the first layer of sunscreen prior to morning drop-off and provide it for use during the camp day. During the camp day, Seattle Bus Camp staff will take all reasonable and appropriate steps to help each child reapply sunscreen to exposed skin– including the face, the tops of ears, and bare shoulders, arms, legs, & feet– prior to campers’ participation in outdoor activities. Counselors will not apply sunscreen when skin is broken or an adverse reaction has been observed. If, for any reason, camp staff cannot apply sunscreen on a camper, s/he may be asked to keep clothing on or avoid swimming activities for his/her own protection. 




Seattle Bus Camp staff uses positive techniques of connection, collection and guidance to redirect children to make choices which create positive, healthy relationships and actions based on kindness, generosity and compassion. Consistent and clear rules are established. Staff members encourage children to solve problems rather than imposing solutions and help children to recognize and respect one another’s feelings. We encourage pro-social behavior such as cooperation, helping, taking turns and constructive verbal communication to solve problems. Our goal is to help children internalize community agreements and become self-directed in their behavior.


Seattle Bus Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss a child for consistent behavior that makes it difficult or impossible for the staff to meet his/her needs and/or the needs of other children in the group. This will occur without a refund (or portion thereof) or credit towards a future program. This will occur only after parent/staff discussion has occurred.




Sick Camper?

Please notify Seattle Bus Camp Director Alina Singletary by text or call at 206 794 5110 if a child is ill and will not be able to join us for camp that day. 


Communicable Diseases
Campers who have communicable diseases will be sent home and may not return to camp until the illness has been treated successfully and the camper is symptom-free.


We will ask the family to pick their camper up from camp if a child has signs of head lice (itching, head irritation, etc.). In order to return to camp, a camper must have had all active lice removed from his or her hair and no longer show any signs of infestation, itching or irritation.




Seattle Bus Camp values an experience-based program free from video games, cell phones, audio players, toys and other distractions. Please do not permit your child to bring any of these items to camp as they will be busy throughout the camp day interacting with nature and friends. Also as we are traveling on public transportation and visiting many public places, you can imagine that these items could get lost, misplaced, or damaged when brought to camp.


Students who are currently enrolled in 5th grade through middle school can be invited, at the discretion of the SBC Director, to be Counselors in Training or Camp Counselors. Registration and payment are still required for CIT and First Year Counselors. Second Year Counselors attend camp for free but are still required to complete a registration form. Families with Counselors In Training and Camp Counselors are still welcome to contact Alina Singletary to request financial assistance.


By SBC Director invitation only, students who have completed a minimum of 7th grade can join Seattle Bus Camp as a Camp Assistant. Registration required. No fees to attend. 

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