About Seattle Bus Camp

Seattle Bus Camp Girls

Celebrating 26 years of adventures!

Seattle Bus Camp is a summer day camp for children entering grades 1st-6th in the Seattle area.
Weekly Camp Sessions run Monday-Friday 9:00am- 3:00pm.
We believe children learn best when they feel safe and known by the adults caring for them. With this in mind, Seattle Bus Camp creates school community exclusive sessions for our campers. We invite a staff member familiar with the community to work with camp Director Alina Singletary for the session specific to their school community. This enables us to tailor our sessions to the specific children we have in our care each week. 

We spend our days out and about enjoying fresh air and nature while we explore local parks, beaches and pools when available. We come home to our families at the end of each day happy, healthy and confident.


Seattle Bus Camp is a private small business and is not affiliated with, or sponsored by, any public or private school system.


Seattle Bus Camp Testimonials 

Every single, and I mean EVERY single, summer for the past 6 years our child has asked to participate in

Alina Singletary’s Seattle Bus Camp. In addition to becoming a confident public bus rider, during 

Seattle Bus Camp our child also developed a sense of community, cooperation, understanding, tolerance  and flexibility.  Without, any hesitation I wholeheartedly recommend SEATTLE  BUS CAMP!

~Kari, mother of a Seattle Bus Camper

Mother and Child

Alina does a wonderful job of teaching about the bus system, keeping track of and connecting with each child, and creating a fun-filled, active schedule for the week.  My boys come home tired, happy, and full of great stories!

~Erika, mother of Seattle Bus Campers

Parents tell us they feel great knowing their kids are safe and having fun adventures with friends.

"I love playing with my friends!"

 "I like that we get to go to the beach and dig in the sand."

 "I always want a seat in the bendy part of the bus!

  "Pulling the cord the is the best part of the bus."

~Quotes from Seattle Bus Campers